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    MonkProtect FAQ

    Questions about MonkProtect? Here's some Frequently Asked Questions.

    What is MonkProtect?

    MonkProtect lets customers guarantee the safe delivery of their online orders by paying a small additional fee during checkout. Should your Peel order become lost, damaged, or stolen, MonkProtect’s Automated Claims Portal allows you to quickly and easily resolve any issues.

    As of January 19, 2024, Peel is no longer offering MonkProtect to our customers.  If you have made a purchase with MonkProtect prior to 01/19/2024, you can still file a claim through the MonkProtect portal by following the instructions below.

    How much does MonkProtect cost?

    MonkProtect’s service fee is based on the value of the items in your shopping cart. 

    What does MonkProtect cover?

    ● Stolen 

    ● Missing/Wrong items 

    ● Damaged Upon Arrival

    ● Shipping delays 

    ● Lost in transit 

    ● Missing first carrier scan 

    ,*MonkProtect only covers products fulfilled by Peel and does not cover any third-party products.

    What happens if my order is lost, stolen, or damaged upon arrival?

    If you've purchased MonkProtect, simply go to https://app.monkprotect.com/login/and begin the Claim Process by giving your email address and order number. From there, your claim will be reviewed and promptly actioned.

    How long does a MonkProtect Claim take to process?

    Claims will take between 3-5 business days to be reviewed and processed.

    What happens if my Claim is approved?

    Once approved, your order will be reshipped straight from our warehouse sent directly to your most recent Shipping Address. Please give between 2-3 business days for the replacement order to process through and be sent out, from there you will receive tracking information via email. Please keep up to date with any local courier issues, as this may impact shipping times. In certain circumstances, a full refund may be given upon request.

    What happens if my Claim is not approved?

    If your claim is not approved and you disagree with the review, please reach out directly to our support team: support@buypeel.com. Please include your order number and any information that will be pertinent to our investigation.

    What is my coverage without MonkProtect?

    We will only cover your product should it arrive to you damaged.

    If your product arrives to you damaged, please reach out to support@buypeel.com, and we'll be more than happy to process a warranty replacement for you.

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