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    Do PEEL cases work with Mobile Gaming Devices?


    We're happy to say that our Original Super Thin Cases and Glass Screen Protectors work with Backbone Controllers but given the physical features of various smartphones and how they connect with the Backbone Controller, not all smartphone makes and models currently work.

    Backbone One Compatible Peel Cases for iPhone:*

    • iPhone SE 2020/2022 Case
    • iPhone 12 Pro Case
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max Case
    • iPhone 12 Mini Case
    • iPhone 12 Case
    • iPhone 11 Case
    • iPhone 11 Pro Case
    • iPhone 11 Pro Max Case
    • iPhone Xs Case
    • iPhone Xs Max Case
    • iPhone Xr Case

    Backbone One Compatible Peel Cases for Android:*

    • Pixel 5 Case (Blackout)
    • Pixel 4a Case (Blackout)
    • Pixel 4a5G Case (Blackout)
    • Pixel 4 Case (Blackout, Clear, Silver)
    • Pixel 4 XL Case (Blackout, Clear, Silver)
    • Pixel 5 Case (Blackout)
    • Pixel 6 Pro Case (Blackout)
    • Pixel 7 Case (Blackout)
    • Pixel 7 Pro Case (Blackout)
    • Galaxy S10 Case (Black, Silver)
    • Galaxy S10e Case (Black, Silver)
    • Galaxy Note 20 Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy Note 20 5G Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy Note 20 Uitra 5G Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy S20 Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy S20+ Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy S21 Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy S21+ Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy S22 Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy S22+ Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy S23 Case (Clear)
    • Galaxy S23+ Case (Clear)
    *the cases listed above are based on test results conducted by Backbone as of 06/10/2023.  Should you have other questions about your smartphone model and the Backbone Controller, please reach out directly to Backbone's customer service team at playbackbone.com

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