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    How Do I Clean My Brass Touch Tool?

    This keychain is made from a 360 brass. The 360 brass will also naturally patina over time.

    However, you can clean your keychain touch tool with natural kitchen ingredients for general maintenance and upkeep. 

    If you are using the touch tool on surfaces, we recommend wiping it down as you would your keys, your cell phone, doorknobs, etc. 

    To clean for maintenance and upkeep, all you need is: 

    • 1/2 a lemon
    • a teaspoon or so of baking soda
    • a small bowl to mix your paste

    If you are out of baking soda, salt will work as a great stand-in as well! 

    Let the mixture settle before use. 

    1. Use a soft cloth and apply the paste. Make sure to gently work it into the keychain. Apply the paste in the same circular motion on all parts. 

    2. Rinse & Dry.

    3. Rinse again to make sure the paste it completely off the keychain and dry using a soft dry towel.

    4. Repeat as necessary! 

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