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    Clear (Hard) VS Clear (Soft)

    For all models, except the iPhone 12 cases, we have since updated all Clear cases to be Clear Soft. For the iPhone 12 model cases, we offer either the Clear hard option or the Clear soft option.

    If you have purchased with us in the past, the Clear (hard) is going to be similar to our entire line of super-thin cases. The Clear (hard) is super thin, a hard plastic, and the case has cut-outs for the buttons on the phone. The Clear (hard) is .35mm thick. This case is made from a PP plastic. 

    Our Clear (Soft) case is going to be plastic as well, but it is more of a soft "goo-ey" plastic, for lack of a better term. The case is a little thicker but not by much. There are no cut-outs on this case and the buttons will be covered. This case also is more scratch-resistant, fingerprint resistant, and is more Clear. The Clear (soft) is just under 1mm thick. This case is made with a TPU plastic. 

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