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    iPhone 12 Case Update

    If you have been a customer with us in the past, you may notice a difference in design from previous models to the new iPhone 12 cases.

    Apple's newest iPhone 12 device design has a square body without any sort of beveling or rounding along the edges. This is a departure from older iPhone model designs. On previous iPhone models, Peel cases would wrap around the front bevel or rounded edge, with minimal protrusion.

    Any case design will need something on the screen side to latch around so the case is secured onto the device.

    To ensure a snug fit, the small lip you are seeing was required to secure the Peel case fitment on this generation of Apple’s iPhone 12 design. Due to the device not being a beveled or rounded edge, case designs will need to wrap slightly around the front face. One benefit of this required design approach is also that your screen is now more protected when laid flat on a surface. The glass protector will also pair seamlessly with them and meet edge to edge with our case for a smooth finish. 

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